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Hello! My Name is Paul Lawson

I have been shooting for over 15 years. I was primarily self taught but did apprentice for some time under the Great Shawn Dowdell.  I started my carteer doing fashion shows and portraits.  From there I moved to a more sexy style and was one of the premeir Eye Candy photographers in the south and gained many published credits. Continuing to refine my craft I have returned to my love of black and White fine art nudes, Maternity, Portraits, and Products.   I have been featured in several fine art shows and juried exhibitions. I am professional , discrete, and willing to go the extramile to capture the image that is unique and exhibits the felings and emotions of the subject.

At the end of the day it is the image that counts so I develop a rapport with my subjects which I find paramount in the creation of  artistict pieces that so so personal and raw.  When I come to shoot I come to shoot a memorable image where duplication is nearly impossible. Just like fingerprints each image is unique, personal, and tailored for the subject.



Although I specialize in Art Nudes, Maternity, Potraits, and Engagement photos, I shoot other projects also.

If you have any request out side of these genres PLEASE send me a message.  I will probably be able to accomodate you and if I can't I can refer you to someon that can fullfil you request.





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